Piano for Quitters DVD


The best foundation for students of all ages is revealed step-by-step in the “Piano for Life” approach. This web site clearly explains and demonstrates how all music flows from simple core elements which can be used immediately to create powerful music. Many practical and life changing insights from the greatest minds in music history have been ignored.

Piano for Quitters is designed for anyone and everyone who wants a practical understanding of chords and harmony. The 10 lessons will teach you to play great sounding chord progressions at surprisingly advanced levels. Whether you have had years of piano lessons or none at all, we highly recommend Piano for Quitters as a practical foundation for the entire series. These lessons are not repeated in the three volume sequel, Piano for Life.

Piano for Quitters covers:

  • View clear demonstrations that dramatically improve your playing skills
  • Utilize practical insights originally designed for all pianists at all levels - not just for "Quitters"
  • Play impressive chord progressions with fluency while incorporating strong rhythm
  • Explore the most efficient and productive ways of practicing the piano

Download accompanying PDF

Duration: 1 hour, 17 minutes

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