Learn to play the piano with freedom and passion

The best foundation for students of all ages is revealed step-by-step in the “Piano for Life” approach. This web site clearly explains and demonstrates how all music flows from simple core elements which can be used immediately to create powerful music. Many practical and life changing insights from the greatest minds in music history have been ignored.

10 Lesson Foundation

  • View clear demonstrations that dramatically improve your playing skills
  • Explore the most efficient and productive ways of practicing the piano
  • Utilize practical insights originally designed for all pianists at all levels – not just for “Quitters”
  • Transform impressive chord progressions into powerful music

Download Piano for Quitters Booklet (PDF)


21 Lesson Foundation

  • Expand your understanding of the heart of music theory leading to unlimited applications
  • Use creative exercises recommended and developed by the greatest pianists in history
  • Improve your ability to read music notation by first viewing the actual layout of the notation system
  • Develop all of the concepts in Piano for Quitters to a more advanced level with all new material

Download Piano for Life Booklet (PDF)


As a performer and piano teacher for the past 35 years, Mark’s specialty is clear explanations. His demonstrations start with the whole picture, completely transforming the learning process.

After frustrating experiences with four different teachers between the ages of five and seven, Mark returned to the piano ten years later at the age of seventeen. Learning to play piano as an adult has given Mark a unique perspective and a great appreciation for what is most helpful and effective for those who have a deep desire to play the piano.

While Mark respects traditional teaching methods, he is quick to point out that many of the top pianists throughout history violently disagreed with the “note-reading only” approach.


“A remarkable program that will have you producing beautiful sounds in no time. Gimmick-free — just a proven holistic approach based on chords and harmony!”


“In the Piano for Life video series, Mark Almond has taken his incredible skill as a pianist and combined it with a truly revolutionary method of teaching even the most reluctant learners to play. You will be amazed at the beautiful music that comes from your fingers from the very beginning. If you thought practicing and playing the piano just wasn’t your style, think again!”


“Mark, you have brought the miracle of a simple path to experiencing the wonder and beauty of the piano to anyone on this earth who yearns to experience the joy of playing. There are no other piano teachings like yours. Before your Piano for Quitters and Piano for Life series, no one else ever distilled the essence of making beautiful evocative piano music that anyone can experience and enjoy in their soul. You cannot put a price on such an extraordinary contribution. It came through you into this world — you have delivered it. You did your job, and this is a much better world for it.”


“This course presents some interesting techniques and, best of all, no stern teacher with ticking metronome in hand. The idea is to bring the joy of piano-playing back with a “holistic” approach based on chords and harmony and devoid of tedious time spent trying to decipher sheet music. Music lovers may discover they’ve “got it” after all!”


“The Piano For Life series is structured in a fashion that is logical, complete and condensed. My piano instructor thinks I have had a revelation…but instead I have found a new teacher. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such a sincere and humble exchange.”


Phoenix, AZ

“You can count on me to sing your praises to my friends about the foundational music program presented in Piano for Life. I am truly grateful to you for sharing your knowledge about music theory. It has opened up a whole new way of looking at music for me. Every music teacher should shout this secret from the housetops and then maybe there would be fewer quitters.”



“If you ever took piano, quit, and wish you hadn’t, your second chance has arrived. Perhaps you were too young. Perhaps it was that rigid teacher and those boring exercises. Forget it. Learn to play again.

“Mark Almond teaches you to play beautiful sounds in just minutes — all through a holistic approach based on chords and harmony that helped the great players of the past learn much faster than students do today. It’s an ideal foundation for all styles, from classical to jazz to pop. It works for all keyboards. And it’s fun.”


“I’m sitting at the piano again after many many years of neglect — and I’m having fun. You have demystified the genius of the masters and made them human to me. Thanks for the joy.”


Burns Harbor, Indiana

“I really want to thank you for being there to speed me and others along in their piano studies. Has anyone ever told you that a genius is someone who can make the complicated simple? That’s Mark Almond, Piano for Quitters, and Piano for Life. Thank you, Mark!”


St. Rolla, MO

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