How can these lessons be for all levels?

The vast majority of intermediate and even advanced students do not have a thorough foundation in terms of using chords in creative ways. During this course, everyone will play the musical examples demonstrated at their own level. The only thing that beginners need to do, in order to take advantage of these insights, is to pay close attention to the advice given on learning the names of the keys thoroughly.

Does this approach also work well for young children?

Yes, understanding the core elements of music by the use of non-technical explanations is the best possible foundation for students of all ages including children as young as three years old. The lessons in this program are paced primarily for teens and adults, but most children around eight or nine do very well without any help from adults. The actual content, however, since everything is already broken down, can be shown to even three and four year old students in short sections. Any adult or teen, even without any prior musical training, can share these musical ideas with very young children.

The best foundation for students of all ages is revealed step-by-step in the “Piano for Life” approach. This web site clearly explains and demonstrates how all music flows from simple core elements which can be used immediately to create powerful music. Many practical and life changing insights from the greatest minds in music history have been ignored.
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