Piano for Quitters and Piano for Life (Streaming)

Piano for Quitters

Download accompanying PDF booklet

Piano for Life

  • Expand your understanding of the heart of music theory leading to unlimited applications
  • Use creative exercises recommended and developed by the greatest pianists in history
  • Improve your ability to read music notation by first viewing the actual layout of the notation system
  • Develop all of the concepts in Piano for Quitters to a more advanced level with all new material

Download accompanying PDF booklet





Lesson 01 – Harmony in Motion


Length: 6 minutes

Musicians understand that every piece of music has a simple working skeleton. This consists of the activity of the melody and the three note chords that accompany it. The simplicity of this skeletal structure surprises everyone!

Lesson 04 – Professional Sounds

Length: 10 minutes

All of the music in lesson 4 comes from the chords below even though the symbol may not always be displayed on your screen.

Lesson 08 – A Close Friendship

Length: 9 minutes

Our ability to learn new music efficiently is directly related to our ability to see the continual relationship between the melody and the chords that support it.

Lesson 10 – The Language of Harmony

Length: 17 minutes

You are much closer than you think to being able to interpret any chord symbol! Even the most complicated chords are built with a few simple building blocks.

Lesson 12 – Advanced Random

Length: 6 minutes

Advanced sounds with a flexible sequence. Start and end with the first chord in the group. Other than that you may play this group of chords in any order you wish. They all connect musically!

Lesson 13 – Priceless Shortcut

Length: 11 minutes

There are two chord symbols for the di- minished chord. The symbols Cdim and Co mean exactly the same thing. This lesson includes insights that will save you countless hours of practice!

Lesson 14 – Augmented Shortcut

Length: 4 minutes

There are two chord symbols for the augmented chord. The symbols Caug and C+ mean precisely the same thing. Like diminished chords the inversions leap frog over the top of each other. Learning four augmented chords actually teaches us all twelve augmented chords.

Lesson 15 – Expressive Playing

Length: 16 minutes

A comprehensive scheme that combines physiological (kinesthetic) knowledge of the keyboard with emotional power. Imaginative application will lay a solid foundation for musical playing.

Lesson 16 – Accelerated Development

Length: 11 minutes

Many regard Josef Hofmann as the greatest keyboard “technician” of all time. He recommended a simple exercise that will greatly improve our physical abilities.

Lesson 17 – Component Skills

Length: 6 minutes

Franz Liszt taught all of his students that all complex musical structures can be divided into simple parts. Becoming familiar both mentally and physically with the simple components of music is the most efficient means to rapid progress.

Lesson 18 – Chromatic Run

Length: 6 minutes

Many of the special keyboard skills can be learned before we run across them in music. Each hand should learn this run in both directions – up and down the keyboard.

Lesson 19 – Music Notation

Length: 25 minutes

Learning music notation is really no different than learning the meaning of new vocabulary words. The difference is the amount of material involved. The number of symbols necessary in order to read music is microscopic in comparison with the amount of information that must be learned for any language.

Lesson 21 – The Backdrop to Harmony

Length: 10 minutes

Musicians over the centuries have weighed the relative importance of certain tones in relation to the central tone of a piece and have come up with a group of scales…

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