Note from Mark Almond

We are excited to offer a One Year Streaming Subscription for all of our lessons which can now be viewed on Vimeo!

Meet Mark Almond

As a performer and piano teacher for the past 35 years, Mark’s specialty is clear explanations. His demonstrations start with the whole picture, completely transforming the learning process. After frustrating experiences with four different teachers between the ages of five and seven, Mark returned to the piano ten years later at the age of seventeen. Learning to play piano as an adult has given Mark a unique perspective and a great appreciation for what is most helpful and effective for those who have a deep desire to play the piano. While Mark respects traditional teaching methods, he is quick to point out that many of the top pianists throughout history violently disagreed with the “note-reading only” approach. Once you have seen his overviews and insightful presentations, Mark guarantees that you will be pleasantly surprised at your new ability to play with confidence on a level that will lead your friends and family to believe you have been practicing in secret!