Learn to play the piano with freedom and passion

All lessons available for streaming and also on DVD

  • Piano for Quitters

    10 Lesson Foundation

    • View clear demonstrations that dramatically improve your playing skills
    • Explore the most efficient and productive ways of practicing the piano
    • Utilize practical insights originally designed for all pianists at all levels - not just for "Quitters"
    • Transform impressive chord progressions into powerful music
  • Piano for Life

    21 Lesson Sequel

    • Expand your understanding of the heart of music theory leading to unlimited applications
    • Use creative exercises recommended and developed by the greatest pianists in history
    • Improve your ability to read music notation by first viewing the actual layout of the notation system
    • Develop all of the concepts in Piano for Quitters to a more advanced level with all new material

Mark Almond

As a performer and piano teacher for the past 35 years, Mark’s specialty is clear explanations. His demonstrations start with the whole picture, completely transforming the learning process. After frustrating experiences with four different teachers between the ages of five and seven, Mark returned to the piano ten years later at the age of seventeen. Learning to play piano as an adult has given Mark a unique perspective and a great appreciation for what is most helpful and effective for those who have a deep desire to play the piano. While Mark respects traditional teaching methods, he is quick to point out that many of the top pianists throughout history violently disagreed with the “note-reading only” approach.


A remarkable program that will have you producing beautiful sounds in no time. Gimmick-free — just a proven holistic approach based on chords and harmony!

This course presents some interesting techniques and, best of all, no stern teacher with ticking metronome in hand. The idea is to bring the joy of piano-playing back with a “holistic” approach based on chords and harmony and devoid of tedious time spent trying to decipher sheet music. Music lovers may discover they’ve “got it” after all!

10 out of 1 – 10. I loved the encouragement of improvisation.

I like the simplification and graphics. My non-musician husband grasped it. Now he’s interested to try.

It took the mystery out of how chords are put together.

Excellent! It makes sense to learn to play the way the masters learned.