The Demystification Of Music

Amazing things happen when we achieve a functional understanding of the nature of harmony in music. This can happen much faster than what the vast majority of music lovers can possibly imagine. Harmony, at its very core, is based on just a few simple relationships that can be explained and demonstrated in a matter of minutes. The secret to … Continued

The Pathway To Music

Historically speaking, the most accurate and practical explanation of the nature of music stems from the year 1722. The fact that the best explanation of music has been treated as an insignificant “attachment” to the common traditions of music education has been a disaster on a scale which is impossible to measure. Since all music … Continued

Confessions of a Piano Quitter

I still remember exactly what it was like to go to piano lessons at the age of five. I remember the precise color of the lighting in the basement at the home of my first piano teacher, and an unusual number of details about the various experiences with all four of the piano teachers from … Continued

Innovative Strategies for Homeschool Families

Our DVD / video program presents new material that will allow homeschool families to experience unprecedented success in music education. Thirty years of research has led to the conviction that there have always been piano teachers who could do much more than just teach the commonly accepted materials of music. These teachers, often called composition … Continued

Practice Tips from Mark Almond #3

In this section I have some encouraging news. It is within your reach to set some short term goals that not only will lay a solid foundation, but also be extremely satisfying musically. Within days, or a few weeks, depending on your practice schedule, you can make giant progress if you focus on a few … Continued

Practice Tips from Mark Almond #2

There are different ways to divide your practice time. Sitting at the piano reading music is only one of the various aspects of piano practice. The division I believe to be both complete and practical involves five different areas. The thing that has helped me improve the most over the years is a flexible approach … Continued

Practice Tips from Mark Almond #1

Our goal is to know for sure that we are making efficient progress when we spend time practicing the piano. There are a few things that can prevent us from reaching this goal before we even get started. First on the list is our understanding of the thing we call “talent.” What really is the … Continued

Turning Points in The History of Piano Instruction

Here is a full written answer to a music educator’s question dealing with the main turning points in the history of music education. This explains why piano teachers and music educators continually jump to false conclusions about the Piano for Life program. It also explains why at least two Juilliard graduates and dozens of other piano teachers use our program as … Continued